Tuesday, 17th May 2011
Three Authors discuss their different publishing experiences.


By Heenu Nihalani

Once you've written your book, how do you go about getting it published? Three authors shared their varied experiences at a WIPS panel discussion that proved informative and motivating for their audience.

Sue Jamieson, author of a book on spiritual healing called Medical to Mystical, went down the self-publishing route. Her experiences led her to handle her own PR, marketing, printing and distribution - a substantial investment of time as well as money. Her efforts earned her not only book sales but a huge amount of support from publishers, fellow writers, like-minded people and readers.

Overseas publishing
Shobha Nihalani, who wrote the thriller The Silent Monument, showed that patience pays off if you want to get noticed and published. Almost a year of sending manuscripts to publishers in India led to a publisher taking on her book. Yet another year went by for intense editing of the novel. Now selling well in bookstores in India, exciting book tours and launches are to follow.

Local publishing
Mary-Jane Newton, author of a collection of poems called Of Symbols Misused, wrote poetry as a hobby and was recently encouraged to take the leap into publishing. After sending her work to publishers around the world, she was taken under the wing of a publisher in Hong Kong.

After sharing their experiences, the authors fielded questions from the audience on topics ranging from publishing agents and work visas for international tours to selling books on consignment. All three authors candidly shared the ups and downs of their experiences, advising the audience not to repeat their mistakes (such as not editing enough), and giving valuable advice (like perfecting the  cover letter).

The discussion concluded with readings by Shobha and Mary-Jane.