IMPRINT Issue 14

Since its inception in 2001, IMPRINT has provided a showcase for WiPS members' work. While many contributors are established authors, illustrators and photographers, for others, IMPRINT provides the opportunity to see their work in print for the first time. This can be an exciting experience, a reassurance that what they have to say is worth being seen or read. Over fifty WiPS members contributed the best of their efforts to the latest issue of IMPRINT on subjects as diverse as the membership itself. Regardless of where they were born in the world, WiPS members share one thing in common: they live (or have lived) in Hong Kong and have an interest in the written word or the visual image.

On 20 March 2015, WiPS celebrated the launch of the 14th issue of IMPRINT in style in the congenial surroundings of the Hughes and Burton Rooms in the Foreign Correspondents' Club in Central. The anthology once again offers a spirited mix of fiction, poetry, travel writing, essays, commentary and memoir, together with photographs and artwork.

The Members' Directory included at the back is a useful and valuable resource providing credentials and contact information for individuals whose backgrounds and experience span the gamut of publishing expertise.

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  • Swindon Book Co. Ltd: 13-15 Lock Road, TST; Chinese University; University of Hong Kong; and Polytechnic University.

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 Members' Publication Success

The inaugural Saphira Prize for unpublished writing was awarded to Elsie Sze in March 2013. Elsie, a longtime WiPS member and IMPRINT contributor, made a special trip from Canada to accept the Saphira Prize in person. Her novel, Ghost Cave: a novel of Sarawak, was edited and published a year later by fellow WiPS members.